Hi and welcome, thanks for taking time to check out my work.  My passion for photography started as a small child.  I remember flipping through every new issue of national geographic when they would arrive feeling in awe of the the amazing images from far away lands.  For me, the world surrounding me feels like a series of snapped images, tiny moments to be treasured.  I constantly notice light and the way it dances and plays off of all the things it touches.  A wanderer at heart, I feel at my truest self when I am discovering a new place or experience behind the lens of my camera.  I have always had a strong interest in traveling, whether an hour trip into the Colorado Rocky Mountains or a journey across the globe. Telling a story of new places and different cultures is what I hold closest to my heart.  

I love taking, editing and sharing images of all kinds.  Whether photographing a new location, a wedding, a portrait, one of my fellow yogis, or one of the abundant concerts Colorado has to offer, my goal is to tell a story.  I strive to capture the authenticity of the experience.

I had the luxury of growing up in the mountains of Colorado; I am blessed to call this colorful place home. When I am not behind the lens of my camera you can usually find me enjoying the outdoors, practicing and teaching yoga, or enjoying live music.  Simplicity is valued in my life, the beauty around us all is abundant, capturing that beauty is my purpose and my passion.